The Graduate School of Architecture Representative Council [GSARC] is an advocacy group charged with serving the school by strengthening, supporting, and informing the voice of graduate students at UTSOA. GSARC improves the unity and continuity of student representation within the school. Students are elected and given voting privileges on faculty committees that actively debate and offer direction to the school's curriculum and facilities. In addition to committee representation, the GSARC strives to create a dialogue between the disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Historic Preservation, Community and Regional Planning, Sustainable Design and Urban Design. This is an excellent opportunity to have your voice heard and shape school policy!


GSARC meetings are held bi-monthly, and are open to anyone in the School of Architecture to attend.
Individual committee representative meetings are dependent upon the specific committee.
All positions are expected to contribute to the execution of GSARC events. 


GSARC Co-Chairs

Set vision for the year; inspire student engagement in school-wide culture, as well as global contemporary discourse on design; foster interdisciplinary dialogue among graduate degree programs; voice student concerns while serving as point-of-contact for faculty and administration; and lead GSARC.

  • Kirsten Stray-Gundersen (M. Arch I)  + Katie Dictus (MLA)


Advertise events to the entire student body and inform graduates about ongoing work being done with the faculty (such as revising the M. Arch. I Electives sequence).

  • Mitch Avitt (M. Arch I) + 1 VACANT


Represent student interests at the monthly UTSOA administration Coordinating Committee meeting, as well as inform GSARC and the broader student body about School and University issues.

  • 2 VACANT

Digital Technology Committee (DTC) representative

Bring student concerns and ideas as a sitting member of the DTC- a committee comprised of UTSoA Faculty and Staff that serves in an advisory role to guide administrative decisions and purchases as related to school technologies and classrooms.

  • Pat Klimaszewski (M. Arch I)


Maintain GSARC webpage, work with IT to enliven conversation about student life and work, take meeting minutes, and work with Communications to keep the broader student body informed.

  • 1 VACANT

Interdisciplinary Liaison

Serve as point-of-contact for issues, conversations, and communication among the multiple Master's programs within UTSOA.

  • 1 VACANT

Library and Special Collections Committee Representative

Represent the student body at committee meetings and participate in conversations about the ongoing plans for the Battle Hall Library and West Mall Building renovation.

  • 1 VACANT (until Spring 2018)

Programming Co-Chair(s)

With the support of the rest of GSARC, envision, plan, coordinate, and run GSARC events. In the past, this has included Chit Chat in the fall and Research Roundup in the spring, but we are eager to pursue new ideas for community-wide, inclusive events.

  • Silvia Calderon Laiton (M. Arch I) + 1 VACANT


Create, estimate, and track our annual budget, as well as interface with UTSOA Accounting.

  • Marett Flores (M. Arch I)

Diversity committee

Engage in discourse on diversity initiatives within the school with a committee comprised of Faculty, Undergraduate representatives and Graduate representatives. 


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Embrace Your Power: Join GSARC Today
Embrace Your Power: Join GSARC Today