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David Huo, Architecture/Interior Design Foundation 1
Instructors: Charlton Lewis, Shelley McDavid, Joyce Rosner, and Vince Snyder

Kayla Nguyen, Architecture/Interior Design Foundation 2
Instructors: Francisca Aroso, Uli Dangel, Clay Odom, and Joyce Rosner

Anisha Kamat, Architecture Intermediate 3
Instructor: Kory Bieg

Ana Macarena De Salvidea, Architecture Intermediate 4
Instructor: Rasa Navasaityte

Andrew Basha, Architecture Intermediate 4
Instructor: Nichole Wiedemann

Mary Claire Moravits, Interior Design Intermediate 4
Instructor: Tamie Glass

Hailey Algoe, Architecture Intermediate 5
Instructor: Mari Michael Glassell

Xie Maggie Hill, Interior Design 5
Instructor: Clay Odom

Lauren Boyd, Architecture Intermediate 6
Instructors: John Blood and Yvonne Boudreaux

Lilli Geen and Xie Maggie Hill, Interior Design 6
Instructor: Allison Gaskins

Bella Chou, Architecture Vertical
Instructor: Murray Legge

Stefan Brits, Architecture Vertical
Instructor: Piergianna Mazzocca

Lyda Linsteadt, Landscape Architecture Design 2
Instructor: Phoebe Lickwar

Paulina Gallegos, Interior Design Core 2
Instructor: Igor Siddiqui

Malati Vasudevan, Interior Design Core 3
Instructor: Nerea Feliz

Taylor Davis, Kaitlin Schuette, and Ziyue Zhang, Landscape Architecture 3 and Urban Design
Instructors: Maggie Hansen and Dean Almy

Malati Vasudevan, Interior Design Technical Studio
Instructor: Allison Gaskins

Kristin Witte, Landscape Architecture Design 4
Instructors: Adam Barbe and Hope Hasbrouck

Ian Amen and Alicia Chen, Architecture Comprehensive Design
Instructors: Ryan Lemmo and Stephanie Lemmo

Leesa Cheong-Cano and Aldryn John Matias, Architecture Comprehensive Design
Instructors: Michael Garrison and Vince Snyder

Jacob Castine and Trent Tunks, Architecture Integrative Design
Instructor: Matt Fajkus

Juan Acosta and Gable Bostic, Architecture Integrative Design
Instructor: Martin Hättasch

Raymond Castro, Collin Stack, and Andrew Winn, Advanced Design
Instructor: Kevin Alter

Laura Brusson, Advanced Design
Instructors: Gina Ford and Maggie Hansen

Guopeng Jim Chen and Adrianne Kartachak, Advanced Design
Instructors: Hope Hasbrouck and David Heymann

Aren Edwards, Advanced Design
Instructor: Daniel Köhler

Eric Joyce and YsaBella Licciardi, Advanced Design
Instructors: Sofia Krimizi and Kyriakos Kyriakou

Andrea Alvarez, Advanced Design
Instructor: Piergianna Mazzocca