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Grace Alexander, Architecture/Interior Design Foundation 1
Instructors: Charlton Lewis, Joyce Rosner, and Vince Snyder

Vaani Vedula, Architecture/Interior Design Foundation 2
Instructors: Uli Dangel, Elizabeth Danze, and Joyce Rosner

Abigail Thomas, Architecture Intermediate 3
Instructors: Suhash Patel and Kevin Sullivan

Autumn Shaddock, Interior Design 3
Instructor: Allison Gaskins

Eli Johnson, Architecture Intermediate 4
Instructor: Rasa Navasaityte

Anisha Kamat, Architecture Intermediate 5
Instructor: John Blood

Eric Brem, Architecture Intermediate 5
Instructor: Vince Snyder

Kennedy Nick, Interior Design Intermediate 4
Instructors: Nerea Feliz and Agustina Rodriguez

Olivia Buntin, Interior Design 5
Instructor: Nerea Feliz

Osvaldo Herrera Garcia, Architecture Intermediate 6
Instructor: Piergianna Mazzocca

Curtis Lechner, Architecture Intermediate 6
Instructors: Suhash Patel and Kevin Sullivan

Ashley Chen, Interior Design 6
Instructor: Allison Gaskins

Maggie Laird and Grayson Shepard, Architecture Comprehensive Design
Instructor: Michael Garrison 

Jessica Chen and Hannah George Fredricks, Architecture Comprehensive Design
Instructor: Martin Hättasch

Cameron Osborn, Architecture Introductory Studio
Instructor: Kory Bieg

Chloe Thomasian, Architecture Vertical
Instructors: Dean Almy and Martin Hättasch

Kendall Fleisher and Haley Lundquist, Architecture Vertical
Instructor: Stephanie Choi

Charley Tysekie, Architecture Vertical
Instructor: Cisco Gomes

Kaitlin Reynolds, Interior Design Core 1
Instructor: Clay Odom

Michelle Franks, Interior Design Core 2
Instructor: Lysa Janssen

Franny Kyle, Landscape Architecture Design 2
Instructor: Phoebe Lickwar

Paulina Gallegos, Interior Design Core 3
Instructor: Clay Odom

Heather Corcoran and Margaret Gallagher, Landscape Architecture Design Studio 3
Instructor: Maggie Hansen

Paulina Gallegos and Elvira Lathrop, Interior Design Technical Studio
Instructor: Allison Gaskins

Lyda Linsteadt, Landscape Architecture Design 4
Instructor: Hope Hasbrouck

Stefan Brits and Christian Lopp, Architecture Integrative Design
Instructor: Matt Fajkus

Caitlin Crozier and Crystal Torres, Architecture Integrative Design
Instructor: Martin Hättasch

Tristan Ahlquist and Meghan Doring, Architecture Integrative Design
Instructor: Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla

Coleman Brink, Bella Chou, and Will Hachtman, Advanced Design
Instructor: Kory Bieg

Jacob Dasuta, Advanced Design
Instructor: Michael Benedikt

Taylor Davis, Advanced Design
Instructor: Maggie Hansen

Brandon Raettig and Youssef Shabo, Advanced Design
Instructor: David Heymann

Ivy Njoroge, Advanced Design
Instructor: Lysa Janssen

Malati Vasudevan, Advanced Design
Instructor: Lysa Janssen

Tabitha Tattenbach, Advanced Design
Instructor: James Lord and Roderick Wyllie

Danielle Eke, Ananya Manian, and Jacob T. Middleton, Advanced Design
Instructor: Adam Miller

Blake Ahart, Advanced Design
Instructor: Clay Odom

Maarten Janssens, Wood Design
Instructor: Mark Maček