Student appointments are contingent on, first, student status. Students must maintain their eligibility to be employed. These eligibility requirements vary by employment type and by student type. Graduate student employment (academic) is governed by federal and state law, University policy, and the policies of the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Specific information on graduate student employment can be found online at Additionally, non-resident students who are employed at least half-time (20 hours per week) as a TA, AI, or GRA may be eligible to receive a waiver of the non-resident portion of their tuition and will be charged in-state tuition—a provision known as the Resident Tuition Entitlement. **You MUST reapply for the waiver each semester you are eligible, the waiver does not renew automatically.** Undergraduate student employment (academic) follows guidelines as well. Please see for information on rates of pay for undergraduate academic employment. Students may also participate in non-academic employment, such as providing clerical assistance or other services not related to his/her course of study. Information on student non-academic employment can be found online at