Jennifer Tate, 2020
"Good Americans in Good American Houses: The Politics of Identity and Modern Housing Design in the New Deal Era"
 Supervisor: Anthony Alofsin

Victoria Sanchez Holgin, 2018
Colombia's History of Modern Architecture revisited through the Housing Agency Instituto de Crédito Territorial. 1939-1965.
Supervisor: Fernando Lara
Robert Scott Gill, 2018
"Hidden Truths in Flights of Fancy: Sex, Power, and the Cinematic Staircase, 1932-1955,"
Supervisor: Christopher Long.
Samuel Dodd, 2014
“Televising Architecture: Media, Public Engagement, and Design in America”
Outstanding Dissertation Award, UTSoA; Fellowship, Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention & Innovation, Smithsonian Institution
Supervisor: Richard Cleary
Laura McGuire, 2014
“Space Within: Frederick Kiesler and the Architecture of an Idea”
Richard Plaschka Fellowship, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research; Fulbright Grant
Supervisor: Christopher Long
Jorge Villota Peña, 2014
“The Hyper Americans!: Modern Architecture in Venezuela during the 1950s”
Co-Supervisors: Richard Cleary and Fernando Lara
Natsumi Nonaka, 2012
“The Illusionistic Pergola in Italian Renaissance Architecture: Painting and Garden Culture in Early Modern Rome, 1500-1620”
Supervisor: Mirka Beneš
Tara Dudley, 2012
“Ownership, Engagement, and Entrepreneurship: The Gens de couleur libres and the Architecture of Antebellum New Orleans, 1820-1850”
Co-Supervisors: Richard Cleary and Christopher Long
Ilan Vit-Suzan, 2012
“Heritage Revisited: An Examination of the Built Environment's Historiography, Preservation, and Meaning”
Supervisor: Christopher Long