Associate Professor
2013 UTSOA Outstanding Teaching Award (Studio)
Meadows Fellow at the Center for American Architecture and Design

Danelle Briscoe received her Master of Architecture degree from Yale University (2002) where she was awarded the Eero Saarinen Design Excellence Award. Her Bachelor of Architecture degree is from the University of Texas at Austin with Honors (1995). Her ten years of work experience includes being a designer at Frank Gehry Partners, LLP, designer at Marmol+ Radziner LLP (both in Los Angeles) and UT residency at Centerbrook Architects (in Connecticut).  She has exhibited work in Axis Gallery, Tokyo (2002), the 2004 ICFF in New York, the MAK Center in Los Angeles (2004), Objectspace solo show in Auckland, New Zealand, a group show titled ‘Uno Mas’ at Artists Image Resource in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (June 2010). Most recently, her stone lithography drawings were part of a group show titled “PROOF” at Papakura Art Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand.
Danelle is currently completing her book to Routledge, Taylor and Francis, titled Architecture Information Modelling, due to be published in late 2015. In addition to numerous conference and journal publications, she has more notably published a chapter “BIM in the Academic Design Studio” in BIM in Academia (Yale University Publication 2011), has a forthcoming invited chapter in the edited book, BIM GAPS:  Bridging Building Information Modeling Tools, Analysis and People. Danelle is also a part of the Green Garage Living Wall Research Team, initiated by Dr. Pat Clubb and Councilman Chris Riley for the Guadalupe Garage on the UT campus. Others on this team include Dean Fritz Steiner and Dr. Mark Simmons, Director of Ecology for the Wildflower Research Center. She presented this research to the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) Conference in Los Angeles in October of 2014.
Danelle served on the Board of Directors for ACADIA and also on the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Architectural Computation (IJAC). She is also an Associate member of the American Institute of Architects.
Prior to her position as Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin in 2009, she held a tenured Lecturer position at Unitec School of Architecture for four years in Auckland, New Zealand. Her teaching at UT is primarily engaged in material and digital fabrication research through information modeling. She likes surfing and gardening and is the mother of two boys.


  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin with Honors, 1995
  • Master of Architecture, Yale University, 2002


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photo of Danelle Briscoe
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • fabrication, relationships of analog to digital design