A significant number of MSCRP students receive some form of funding during their time in the program. Students may take advantage of Teaching Assistant positions (TA), Graduate Research Assistant positions (GRA), fellowships and scholarships, or other forms of funding.

Funding History

Since 2016, 85 students or 83% of all students have received some form of funding award. In total, $828,078.59 were made available to students in various forms:

  • Total TA funding: $146,572

  • Total GRA funding: $79,670

  • Total scholarships and fellowship funding: $189,962

  • Total other forms of support: $411,873

The awards available to students vary by funding type:

  • Median award made for TA funding is $6,842

  • Median award made for GRA funding is $4,698

  • Median award made for scholarships and fellowships is $1,080

  • Median award made for other forms of support is $5,213

Funding Types for Incoming Students

Funding opportunities differ between incoming students and current students. Upon admission, students may receive a variety of financial support offers funded by different sources, including The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School and the School of Architecture (UTSOA). Some financial support comes in the form of scholarships, while others are offers of student employment. Our students are offered positions in the UTSOA Technology Lab or as Hogg Foundation Research Assistants.

Funding Types for Current Students

Current students may receive funding in the form of scholarships and student employment. The UTSOA scholarship and fellowship competition is announced in the spring semester. Awards depend on endowment requirements and may be based on merit, need or both. UTSOA also offers generous travel scholarships for independent research, including research leading to PRs and theses.

CRP students may qualify for TA positions in the department and in other units across campus. For CRP positions students apply through a competitive online application process announced in the semester preceding employment. To secure TA positions in other units, students must inquire with the host department administrative staff, contact instructors of courses that require TAs, and network with students in other departments.

GRA positions are typically offered by faculty members leading a funded research project. Recent examples include GRA positions funded by Planet Texas 2050 and the University Transportation Center (UTC). Our students have also received GRA position with faculty in other units across campus. RA positions are also available for special school programs, including the City Forum speaker series, UTSOA Materials Lab, UTSOA Technology Lab and the UTSOA diversity initiatives. Other short term employment opportunities are also frequently available, including assisting faculty members with publications, website development, videography, and data processing. Finally, non-academic employment opportunities are also widely available across campus.

For information on Financial Aid please go the website of the Office of Financial Aid.