Doctoral Dissertations

Joshua Lee, 2016

Questioning modern approaches to flexibility : 50 years of learning from the School Construction Systems Development (SCSD) Project  

Kristine Stiphany, 2015

Learning displacement : self-building, educational infrastructure, and the politics of development in Brazilian informal settlements

Elizabeth Walsh, 2015

Home ecology and challenges in the design of healthy home environments : possibilities for low-income home repair as a leverage point for environmental justice in gentrifying urban environments

Barbara Brown Wilson, 2013

Social movement towards spatial justice : crafting a theory of civic urban form

Andrew Karvonen, 2008

Botanizing the asphalt : politics of urban drainage

Ralf Brand, 2003

Co-evolution toward sustainable development : neither smart technologies nor heroic choices


Master Design Studies:

María Camila Coronado C., 2014

Understanding Change: Public Space Construction in Bogota, Colombia: The Plaza de San Victorino [download pdf]

Rui Lou, 2014

Senior Co-Housing in China [download pdf]

Brandon Campbell, 2013

Sustainable Workflows for Permanent Modular Wood Construction [download pdf]

Hsin-Yi Hsieh, 2009

Taipei City Transformation Sustainable Stormwater Management Plan: Ming-Sheng Community [download pdf]

David Hincher, 2005

Saltillo Offsite Sustainable Housing Study

Hui Chen, 2005

Historic Bejing Restoration and Infrastructure Regeneration

Supapong Samasongsoonthorn, 2003

Mixed-use Urban Infill in Bankok

Master of Science in Sustainability Studies Theses

Vivek Subramanya, 2015

Mapping energy access : a regional energy planning framework for rural electrification in India

Kaethe Selkirk, 2015

Water, knowledge, and the post-industrial landscape

Andrea Tosi, 2015


Jose Latorre, 2015

A real estate crowdfunding model for social impact : The Alley Flat Initiative in Austin, Texas

Kathleen Coyne, 2015

Promoting resiliency through socio-ecological management, advocacy, and stewardship of Austin's creeks

Samuel  Gelfand, 2014

From Air-conditioning to Clotheslines: Dynamic Conditions and the Nature of Energy Modeling for Code Compliance

Serena Bolliger, 2014

Harmony in marriage: integrating sustainable solutions into historic house museums without interfering with the historic fabric 

Marc Coudert, 2014

Towards a climate resilient Austin, the health implications of climate change on vulnerable communities in Austin

Harris, Shannon, 2014

Achieving the minimum 20 percent conservation and reuse mandate in the SWIFT process in Texas

Colleen McGuiness, 2014

The Potential for Biomimetic Solar Energy

Chiara Bonsignori, 2014

Energy retrofits in single family homes, towards a holistic regenerative process

Tue Pham, 2014

Sustainable aesthetics : Perspectives from ecotourism design & floating bamboo ecolodge in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Catherine Carter, 2013

Sustainable consumption & sustainable design : moving sustainability theory towards design practice.

Sara Motamedhi, 2013

Energy analysis of toplighting strategies for office buildings in Austin

Donald Jackson, 2013

Fiscal Impacts of Land Use Planning Decisions : Sprawl, Sustainable Development, and Simulation in Public Process

Danica Adams, 2013

And the ocean came up on land: Perceptions of adaptive capacity of cattle ranching in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Joshua David Lee, 2012

Adaptable, kinetic, responsive, and transformable architecture: An alternative approach to sustainable design

Jean Louise Yano Niswonger, 2012

Coding Sustainable Neighborhoods: A Comparative Analysis of LEED for Neighborhood Development and the Healthy Development Measurement Tool [download pdf]

Ashleigh Boerder Powell, 2012

The Social Construction of Performance-Based Design [download pdf]

Stefan Bader, 2010

High Performance Facades for Commercial Buildings [download pdf]

Gene Cheng, 2010

Pu-Li: Disaster Relief Parks — new definition of park in urban temporary housing communities [download pdf]

Christina V. Konstantinidou, 2010

Integration of thermal energy storage in buildings [download pdf]

Kristi Katherine Marks, 2010

Algeria Viewed from Nowhere? : Bringing Geospatial Visualization Into the Cartographic Black Boxes of Desertec’s “Clean Power from Deserts” [download pdf]

Ida Polzer, 2010

what can be changed when everything must stay the same? models for infrastructural and social revitalization of historic buildings in Dubrovnik as the next step in the town’s cultural evolution [download pdf]

Chad Phelan, 2009

City and Regional Planning Software in Context : A Rating Framework for Planning Support Systems [download pdf]

Meghan D. Feran Kleon, 2009

Towards a Culture of Sustainable Preservation : sustainable design, historic preservation, and cultures of building [download pdf]

Stephanie Perrone, 2008

Sustainable Design Education in Public Schooling : Case Studies Analysis of Programs Integrating Place and Design [download pdf]

Dylan Siegler, 2006

Green Roofs for Austin : Toward a More Progressive Model of Technology Transfer [download pdf]

Seung Hyun Ji, 2006

Shifting of Thermal comfort zone Due to Outdoor temperature [download pdf]

Melinda Nettles, 2006

The Wheel Within the Wheel : Efficiency, Sustainability, & the Technological Network of Housing Production [download pdf]

Nathan Engstrom, 2003

Shades of Green : Green building rating tools and the logics they represent [download pdf]