CRP 381M.2 / CRP 386
Instructor: Ashley Fisher

This course is a skill building course on community engagement.  Practicing Planners must be able to navigate complicated, and often controversial,  issues with a variety of stakeholders.  This course will focus on real world examples, observation, and engagement. Your career path may find you engaging and communicating with the community, between various departments at your place of employment, and with elected or appointed bodies and boards. 

Some issues require negotiation among those with a high level of expertise and technical knowledge of the issues. Other times you are communicating with those you have little background knowledge on the particular issue, but still strong and valid feelings about what they want to see in their community. 

In this course, students will practice skills such as facilitation, communicating complicated issues in understandable ways, and analyzing case studies.  Students will hear from practitioners on lessons learned during their engagement processes. Many of the examples are Austin based, but demonstrate larger principles and help develop broader skills. This course will help you build practical skills that you will use in your day to day role as a planner. 


Community and Regional Planning


Spring 2023