Second Summer Session
ARC 328D / ARC 380C.2 / LAR 381S / U D 380C.2
Instructor: Rob Stepnoski

Reality Capture for Architecture is ideally suited for any students interested in tying together 3D scanning techniques with virtual reality models. The course begins with 3D scanning methods for site capture and concludes with individual VR immersion models. The class will compare, and contrast capture technologies appropriate for a variety of site and environmental conditions. An overview of workflows for integrating site capture data with information and representation models with foreground techniques applicable to any discipline. The course will meet learning objectives through lectures, demonstrations, and field work. A semester long project, broken up into discreet exercises, is tied to specific learning objectives ranging from spatial experience to analysis and qualitative evaluation. The course will emphasize techniques, versatility, and, method.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the Theory and Science of Photogrammetry
  • Enable students to deploy 3D Laser Scanning technologies in the field
  • Capture photogrammetric models to visualize and analyze 3D Point Clouds Demonstrate methods for UAV driven aerial photogrammetry and documentation
  • Discuss implementing scanning and photogrammetric methods used in contemporary professional practice
  • Enable students to select the best data capture technique for any given research scenario. Apply workflows for integrating 3D models into scanned environments

Apply techniques from games engines to enable experience of material, character, and texture. skills to be developed Demonstrate competence in using point clouds from LiDAR and Photogrammetry. Understand how to use reality capture systems to create fast/accurate computer models. Knowledge of 3D modeling and rendering to show change within the virtual environment. Gain understanding of how to use a computer model to better understand spatial experience.


Landscape Architecture
Urban Design


Summer 2023
Spring 2023