ARC 327G / ARC 386M

The intent of this course is to learn to integrate regenerative building systems and planning principles into the process of architectural design. This course is intended to be a design enrichment Class that explores in depth the principles of qualitative and quantitative design systems. In this class we will move beyond sustaining building designs we have been doing wrong, we will investigate integrating more enhanced green building principles and designs with regenerating ecosystems to reverse the dangerous of climate change.

The course content will: survey the principles of environmentally sensitive design and planning, review case studies of "green building" applications, and explore concepts for integrating regenerative planning and building systems into to architectural design. The process includes: an analysis of bioclimatic comfort and building metabolism; design with climate; integration of passive heating and cooling systems; water conservation planning; waste systems; a basis for specifying green building materials. And the development of a design process that links diversity, affordability and sustainability to provide a new standard for neighborhood design compatibility. The focus of the course investigation for the fall semester of 2023 will be to investigate regenerative building technologies and integrate them into a model zero net energy middle-density housing prototype that provides a pathway for Austin to become a zero-carbon emissions community by 2040. Together the student research papers in the class will be used as an entry for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Student Design Competition and the United Nations CPP 29 Student Showcase.


Sustainable Design


Fall 2023