Welcome to the Thermal Lab!

The two Thermal Labs at the University of Texas at Austin are an outdoor testing facility for state-of-the-art research on innovative façade design. They make the consideration of both fully and partially air conditioned rooms possible; in order to simultaneously evaluate the energy demand, room climate conditions, and daylight provision of different façade variants.


Within the University of Texas School of Architecture, ideas regarding form, construction, and engineering arise every day. The Thermal Lab provides for the school as a research laboratory where these ideas can be tested in a rigorous engineering type of environment. As a professor, visiting scholar, undergraduate or graduate student, the Thermal Lab can be utilized for cutting edge research in the field of building material sciences. Thesis papers, Undergraduate Research Fellowships (URF) and UT Green Fee projects have been executed at the Thermal Labs successfully in the previous 5 years. We encourage more people to get involved and utilize this precious resource at the School of Architecture.