The Urban Information Lab (UIL) focuses on urban informatics and smart city. The lab was founded in 2013 by Dr. Junfeng Jiao to investigate urban problems through information technologies. Since the lab’s inception, UIL researchers have used big data to assist in bicycle infrastructure planning, engaged in planning and development in South Shore area of Austin, investigated tourist perceptions of the city in cyberspace through geo-referenced Tweets, evaluated people’s access to food sources in Austin, and identified transit deserts in US cities, among other projects.

The UIL integrates emerging technologies, methods, and data science to analzye urban problems. In addition to using information from the public sources, the lab performs scenario planning with Envision Tomorrow Plus, collects GPS data, analyzes geo-referenced social media postings, and deploys web scraping technology to collect spatial information for use in novel explorations of cityscapes and social forms.  

Dr. Junfeng Jiao: jjiao@utexas.edu
Dr. Chen Feng: cfeng@utexas.edu