ARC 694

In this studio course particular attention will be paid to the realm of material manifestation as a critical juncture in the formulation of architecture. In the concern for the materials of building and the manners of construction the architect commits speculation to action; attempts to convert intention into palpable reality. It is here that architecture is most fully and deliberately engaged with the world and here that architecture initiates the world's response in turn. It seems clear, however, from even casual observation that while this subject matter may be vital, it is oftentimes treated as a marginal concern. The class begins with the assumption that a denial of Architecture's material potential seriously undermines architecture's value in society (and raises fundamental questions about the legitimacy of our profession more generally) and in contrast, the embrace of architecture’s material reality unlocks its potential for wonder and delight.

This studio poses the proposition that the artifact of building possesses intrinsic meaning and value, not reduceable to a text in its conception. It aims to mine those material, physical qualities so as to rescue them from the yoke of illustration; to present a fresh orientation and an avenue for design.




Fall 2023