The Advanced Studies Masters' Programs at The University of Texas at Austin offer innovative and diverse curriculums that seek to foster a critical understanding of architecture, the built environment, and the landscape. The Masters' Programs under the umbrella of Advanced Studies are:

The nature of each program is interdisciplinary and the degree path is research-based. The focus of each of the programs is on their individual disciplines, and encompasses theory, criticism, and technical aspects of each specialization to prepare students for the competitive and ever-expanding professional market. Each program is comprised of full-time professors and diverse affiliated faculty, offering both broad coverage and individualized plans that are tailored to each student's interests and expertise. 

The four programs are housed within a large and active School of Architecture. This environment provides the context for a rich exchange between all the disciplines, offering multiple opportunities for students to engage in activities and scholarly work across all the school's programs. Students enrolled in the Advanced Studies programs are usually challenged to take their investigations beyond the traditional boundaries of their discipline, investigating new perspectives that are offered from theoretical methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches. 

The four programs are founded on rigorous instruction and advising, offering students the flexibility to develop their ideas and approaches. Each program encourages students to investigate new fields and methodologies to build their distinctive viewpoints and scholarly work.

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Advanced Studies Student Work

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