Students not enrolled in the School of Architecture and following the 2016-2018 (or later) catalog

Students who are interested in declaring a minor offered by the School of Architecture should meet with the academic advisor for their own major to begin planning minor coursework and then apply for the minor of your choice.

After you apply for one of the School of Architecture minors, you will receive a standardized, automated message instructing you to contact the advisor for your major to request that the minor be added to your degree profile. Do not skip this step. NOTE: Only students in a 2016-18 catalog or later are eligible to pursue one of the minors listed here. Talk with your advisor if you are in a catalog prior to 2016-18 to determine if switching to a 2016-18 (or later) catalog will delay your progress to degree and/or delay your graduation. 

Each minor listed below requires fifteen hours of coursework (five courses).

  • Courses may be taken in any order, as long as prerequisites are met.
  • There are no courses that are required for any of the minors; the student may just pick a collection of five courses that will count.
  • Six hours must be upper-division; all courses can be upper-division.
  • Some courses are only offered once per year.
  • Some courses may be restricted, which may indicate that instructor permission is required. 

Some (but not all) course descriptions are available

Students may choose to pursue one of the following minors. Click the links below to see a list of the courses that count for each minor:

*Important note about Interior Design (ARI) courses:

  • Many courses are offered only one time per year.
  • Some ARI courses counting toward the minor require instructor permission.

Contact the instructor for permission and then forward the permission email (along with your EID and the unique of the course for which you have permission to register) to during or after your first assigned registration access period.

Course restrictions: Some ARC courses counting toward the minors may be listed as "open, reserved." In some cases the reservation is in place to hold seats for students officially pursuing the minor. In other cases it is because all of the non-major seats are filled, and the remaining seats are reserved for students in the School of Architecture. Certain technical courses that otherwise may count for a minor could be restricted because of the technical nature of the content; students not in the School of Architecture should get instructor permission in order to determine if they have the skills necessary to complete the course successfully.

Students enrolled in the School of Architecture

A minor is optional in the School of Architecture; therefore, a minor is not required to complete a bachelor's degree in the School of Architecture. However, if you choose to complete a minor you must complete it according to the requirements, policies, and procedures established by The University and in consultation with your School of Architecture academic advisor.

Students enrolled in the School of Architecture may pursue minors offered outside of the School of Architecture. 

Students interested in pursuing a minor or a certificate may search the University's minor/certificate inventory to see what minors and certificates are offered. From the inventory you can access each minor or certificate's webpage to the view the requirements of that program. Please read each program's application instructions and eligibility criteria carefully before completing the application.

In order for a minor to be recognized on your transcript you must be in the 2016-2018 (or later) Undergraduate Catalog. If you entered UT prior to 2016, please ask your School of Architecture advisor how switching catalogs will impact your degree requirements. 

Planned carefully, pursuing a minor will not extend the time to degree for students in the Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies degree plans. You may use your required electives in pursuit of a minor.

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree have only six hours of electives to fulfill, so for many students pursuing a minor may delay the graduation semester.