Landscape Studies Minor

Landscape Architecture students sit on the ground looking at a wall of trees, sketching what they see
Landscape Studies Minor

The Landscape Studies Minor provides a foundation in concepts related to the designed landscape for undergraduate students outside the School of Architecture. The Landscape Studies Minor introduces environmental and cultural issues concerning the design, planning, and management of the built environment. The minor specifically targets undergraduates who desire exposure to how designed change impacts the places in which we live. The minor exposes students to the discipline of landscape architecture before pursuing graduate study in the design professions. The minor does not qualify a student for practice or professional landscape architecture licensure.

Any undergraduate outside of the School of Architecture with a University grade point average of at least 2.5 may take any course listed below, whether pursuing the Landscape Studies Minor or not. Students may obtain only one minor from the School of Architecture. 

To fulfill the Landscape Studies Minor students must complete 15 semester hours of coursework as described below. At least half of the coursework must be completed in residence at The University of Texas at Austin. All coursework must be taken on a letter-grade basis and completed in conjunction with the student's major requirements. Six hours must be upper-division.


ARC 318K World Architecture: Origins to 1750
ARC 318L World Architecture: The Industrial Revolution to the Present

ARC 327C Urban Design History, Theory, and Criticism
ARC 327R Topics in Architectural Theory (All ARC 327 courses in the series ARC 327C-U)
ARC 328Q Rendering and Animation for the Built Environment
ARC 342C Mexican Architecture and Urbanism: From Pre-Columbian to Contemporary
ARC 342R Topics in the History of Architecture (All ARC 342 courses in the series ARC 342C-U.)
LAR 341R Topics in Visual Communication (Topic 1: Rendering and Animation for the Built Environment)
LAR 342K History and Theories of Landscape Architecture I
LAR 342L History and Theories of Landscape Architecture II
LAR 342R Topics in Landscape Architectural History (Topic 1: Rome's Gardens and Landscapes)
LAR 342R Topics in Landscape Architectural History (Topic 2: Professional Design Practice: Baroque Rome)
LAR 342R Topics in Landscape Architectural History (Topic 3: Representing Landscape and Architecture, 1500-2015)
LAR 346R Topics in Landscape Architectural Theory
LAR 347K Living Systems Design I
LAR 347L Living Systems Design II


Historic blueprint of UT's Main Building


A female student presents her architecture project


MID II Student Work