About: Since its establishment in 1982, and its first issue of CENTER: Architecture and Design in America that same year, one of the main aims of the Center for American Architecture and Design has been to provide a high-quality publishing platform for fresh research and scholarship on vital topics in architecture and design. In 2005, the CAAD added the editing and publishing of an additional book series, Centerline, and in 2008 took on the co-production of the O’Neil Ford series of Monographs and Duographs on a regular basis. 
Among the designer-writers published have been Christopher Alexander, Stan Allen, Aaron Betsky, Petra Blaisse, Christine Boyer, Denise Scott Brown, William Bruder, Henry Cisneros, Elizabeth Diller, Peter Eisenman, Tom Ford, Kenneth Frampton, Gary Hack, Rem Koolhaas, Rosalind Krauss, Sanford Kwinter, Phyllis Lambert, David Leatherbarrow, Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis, Rodolfo Machado, Barton Myers, Gerald McCue, Charles Moore, Mohsen Mostafavi, Todd Oldham, Juhani Pallasmaa, Smiljan Radic, Charles Renfro, Michael Rotondi, Joseph Rykwert, Jenny Sabin, Ricardo Scofidio, Mary Patricia May Sekler, Eduard Sekler, Robert A.M. Stern, Kim Tanzer, Billie Tsien, Anthony Vidler, Tod Williams, as well scores of prominent authors from other disciplines.
Publication Awards:
Independent Publisher Book Awards Gold Medal in Architecture, Center 21; The Secret Life of Buildings
2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards Silver Medal in Architecture, Center 18: Music in Architecture—Architecture in Music
2014 CICA Bruno Zevi Book Award Nomination, O’Neil Ford Monograph 5: Philharmonie, Hans Scharoun
2014 CICA  Pierre Vago Journalism Award, Juhani Pallasmaa, “In Praise of Vagueness,” CENTER 17: Space & Psyche
2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze Award in Architecture, CENTER 17: Space & Psyche
2014 Texas AIGA Second Place Award in Publications, Center 17: Space & Psyche
2004 Independent Publisher Book Awards Finalist in Architecture, CENTER 12/13: The Good Building/Pressing Style
2004 Graphic Design USA American Graphic Design Award, CENTER 12/13: The Good Building/Pressing Style
1996 American Association of Museums First Prize Award for scholarly publishing, CENTER 9: Regarding the Proper
1988 Texas Society of Architects Graphics Competition Winner in the Publications Division, CENTER 3: New Regionalism
1987 American Association of Museums Award of Merit, CENTER 3: New Regionalism
1985 American Association of Museums Award of Distinction, CENTER 1: Architecture for the Emerging American City
Editorial Structure:
CENTERBooks in the CENTER series typically originate from themed events and symposia put on by the CAAD. Each is a compilation of presented and invited papers from top scholars and practitioners worldwide, especially edited for the volume. With a focus on interdisciplinary study, CENTER series explores architecture in relation to its complementary arts and disciplines.

Centerline—Where CENTER covers a broader scope of vision, Centerline is more focused, with each volume unpacking a single project, practice, or line of thought. Centerlines are typically authored by single practitioner-writers with introductions and supplementary essays by others.

O’Neil Ford Monograph and Duograph—These two book series are offered in tandem, but have different foci. The Monograph series richly documents buildings of major importance in architectural theory and practice that have been under- or unrecognized by the canon of architectural writing. The Duograph series documents two different buildings by two different architects who are emerging as leaders in the field of architecture today. The purview is global. 

Other Publications—CAAD also publishes one-off volumes that fall outside of its three series.
Recent Designers: Dyal and Partners, Tenderling, Cameron Kraus, Asterisk Group, Jeffrey Blocksidge, Tenderling Design
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