Where CENTER explores topics through a broad approach, Centerline is more focused, with each volume offering an investigation into—or the documentation of—a particular project, practice, or line of thought. These have included a survey of Central Texas dance halls, a study of the Poetry Foundation building in Chicago, and companion publications for CAAD-hosted exhibitions and symposia.

Centerline books are typically shaped by a single author or curator with supplementary texts by others. While the subjects are wide-ranging, the format is limited to eight-by-eight inches, offering a compact collection of records of the study of architecture and design.


  • Cover of the book "Transgressive Practices to Transformative Policies: Landscape Change, Fast & Slow"

    Centerline 16: Transgressive Practices to Transformative Policies: Landscape Change, Fast & Slow

    APRIL 2024
    Transgressive Practices to Transformative Policies features essays and reflections reimagining the boundaries of landscape architecture as a discipline, showing the importance of design as a tool for starting and continuously tending to a dialogue about a site’s shared future; and for listening deeply to the human and nonhuman communities entangled in the site and attending to their evolving needs.