ISSUE: 010

MAY 2014

Each year, student work in ISSUE is presented with a new perspective.  This year, the publication celebrates its tenth anniversary; as such, the perspective is a contemplative one.  Sarah Gamble and Kory Bieg introduce the book and set its tone.  Gamble, a former student turned adjunct lecturer, opens with a retrospective piece about how she has experienced the UTSOA's evolution over the past decade.  Kory Bieg, one of our more recently added faculty members, offers a prospective, or forward-looking statement, about how designers might adapt to technological advancements over the next ten years. The body of the book, comprised primarily of student work is a snapshot of our present condition.

Macro-organization of the book is chronological by semester.  Each of these larger sections comprises student work, UTSOA exhibitions, and featured spreads that highlight research and/or development in the areas of global connections, sustainable exploration, public interest design, and digital technology.


A. Felipe Calderon
Grace Dixon
Lauren Jones


Mandy Brown
Garland Fielder
Josh Lamden
Grace Mathieson
Ben Morris
Ellen Sampson
Sunny Schneberger


Kory Bieg
Sarah Gamble