CENTER 10: Value


Center, Volume 10 explores the theme of economic value, its nature, and relationship to other values, to what we do, and ultimately to what and how we build.

ISBN: 0-292-71200-6


Introduction, by Michael Benedikt
The Rediscovery of Value and the Opening of Economics, by Ilya Prigogine
From Experience to Worth: The Four Dimensions of Value, by Robert Kane
Value, Human Economics, and the Future of the Arts, by Frederick Turner
Consumer Sovereignty or Citizen Disenfranchisement?... by Elizabeth Anderson
Values and Socio-Cultural Evolution by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Psychological Economics: An Outline, by Michael Benedikt
Why the Things We Buy Often Aren't the Things We Want, by Robert Frank
The Question of Economic Value, by Thomas C. Schelling
Attention, Value, and Exchange, by Michael O'Hare
Grapple-Skidders and Feller-Bunchers: Heidegger in the North Woods, by Steven A. Moore
City Beautiful, City Ugly: Urban Form as Social Convention, by Michael Storper
Towards an Alternative Narrative of Economic Globalization, by Saskia Sassen
Landscapes of Economic Value, by Sharon Zukin
Hyperreality 90210, by Terrance Goode


Michael Benedikt


Suzanne Najarian
Jenny Stone