CENTER 11: Value 2


Center 11: Value 2 completes the treatment of questions of economic and moral value(s), both in the abstract and in relationship to architecture, that was begun in Center 10: Value (1997). The essays in the book come from architects, economists, philosophers, and a poet, reflecting a diverse array of opinions on and approaches to the treatment of values and valuation.

ISBN: 0-934951-02-0


Introduction, by Michael Benedikt
Bourgeois Values, by Dierdre McCloskey
Metaphors of Value, by Mark L. Johnson
Ratio ex Machina: Value in Economics, by Philip Mirowski
Values and Metaphors, by Robert Kane
Thoreau and the Place of Economy, by Philip Cafaro
Reflexivity as Evolution in Thoreau's Walden, by Frederick Turner
More-than-ness, by Stephen L. Ross
Three for Society: Households and Media in the Creation of 21st Century Communities, by Jorge Reina Schement
Gresham's Law and the Logic of Efficacy, by Michael Benedikt
I Had an Un-hard Childhood, by James K. Galbraith
Preservation of Values: A History of the Preservation and Re-use of Union Station and the Political and Economic Forces that Shaped It, by C. Steven Lewis
Cost vs. Investment: Architecture, Technical Knowledge, and the Socialization of Value, by Paolo Tombesi


Michael Benedikt


Rani Paul
Tim Walker