CENTER 19: Curtains

MARCH 2014

Curtains was a multi-site installation and exhibition designed to explore the use of fabrics in contemporary art and architecture--not in the form of rigid tensile structures, nor in the form of cladding or upholstery, but in their more relaxed, natural forms: curtains associated with windows, yes, but also defining and activating spaces indoors and out, billowing overhead as canopies, diffusing light, holding color in their folds, filtering views, absorbing sound, showing the wind, and making theater of the everyday.

This volume of CENTER aims to inspire an openness to curtains and their kin in the hope that this will help rejuvenate the art of architecture. An openness that will help designers to move on to an architecture that is more resource-efficient, more technologically sophisticated, and less stylistically dogmatic than today's--an architecture more embracing of humanity and more sincerely interested in the possibilities of dwelling.

ISBN: 978-0-934951-20-3



Curtains for Architecture, by Michael Benedikt
The Draw of a Curtain, by Lois Weinthal
Fabric as Architecture in Ancient Rome, by John R. Clarke
Hide-and-Seek: From Guernica to Delph, by Peter D. Waldman
We Know Her Moves by Heart, by Mark West
Wind and Waves, by Johnny Walker


Cubic Prism, Akane Moriyama
Ghost Rooms, Andrea Manning, Nicholas Hofstede
He Wishes for The Cloths of Heaven, Mark Cottle
Construction Curtains, Patrick Doan
¡Balia! Dancing Columns, Edson Cabalfin, Nazanin Khodadad—Workshop Collaborative
Inverted Curtain, Ebba Fransén Waldhör
Wandering Wardrobe, Nera Feliz Arrizabalaga
Mas Moss: Living Curtain, Tamie Glass, Kendra Locklear Ordia, Igor Siddiqui
Social Helium, Dan Cheetham, Michelle Tarsney
The Flying Tuna, Sergio Lopez-Pineiro, Vincent Ribeiro—Holes of Matter
Lenticular Curtain, Lisa Rapoport—Plant Architect
Cascade Curtains, Stephanie Rodriguez, Renee Burdick
Light, Space, and Gaze Modulator, Mahtab Oskuee
Textile Activation, Daniela Covarrubias
Elegant Fluency, Alia Ramadan, Przemyslaw Acewicz, Rafael PerezPla—Deri Design
Plastic Poetry, Weiling He, Ganesh Rao, Shyam Kannapurakkaran, Keenan McCord, Miaomaio Xiao
Sora No Kicho, Alex Knezo and Akinori Hamada—Studio_01


Social Helium, Dan Cheetham, Michelle Tarsney
Plastic Poetry, Weiling He, Ganesh Rao, Shyam Kannapurakkaran, Keenan McCord, Miaomaio Xiao
Inverted Curtain, Ebba Fransén Waldhör
Beirut 2005–2007, Hale Tenger
Lenticular Curtain, Lisa Rapoport—Plant Architect
Cubic Prism, Akane Moriyama


Michael Benedikt


Michael Benedikt
Kevin Alter