CENTER 7: The Final Decade: Architectural Issues for the 1990s and Beyond

JULY 1992

In light of the increasing interdependence of countries, the Center for American Architecture and Design considers American architecture as the architecture of all the Americas and the scope of its responsibility as global. The essays in this volume consider several issues facing American architecture in the final decades of the 1990s—and that are fundamental to creating a better world for the twenty-first century—including homelessness, changing patterns of urban life, the search for national and international identity, and the production and consumption of architecture.

ISBN: 0-8478-5553-8


Introduction: The 1990s: A Decade of Demise in an Age of Despair? by Anthony Alofsin
SomePLACE--Architecture in Canada and the Canadian Centre for Architecture, by Phyllis Lambert
New Centers on the Periphery, by Robert Bruegmann and Tim Davis
In the Image of the Other: A Call for Rethinking National Identity, by María Fernández
Mexican Architecture: A Survey of Past Influences in Present Design, by Eduardo Langagne
The House of Tomorrow, by Michael Mostoller
Crisis of Figuration in Contemporary Architecture, by D. Andrew Vernooy
Style Wars in the Final Decade, by Lawrence W. Speck


Anthony Alofsin


D. Andrew Vernooy


Pamela Peters