Architecture After AI

Jan. 30 to Feb. 24, 2023, All Day
Location: Mebane Gallery
Curated by Associate Professor Kory Bieg, Assistant Professor Daniel Koehler, and Associate Professor Clay Odom.
Six posters for the Architecture After AI exhibit laid out in a row, alternating between blue and red as the primary colors

"Architecture After AI" is an exhibition that explores the potential of artificial intelligence platforms to revolutionize the field of architecture, from the way buildings are designed to the conception of new forms and structures that were previously unimaginable. The exhibition offers a glimpse into the future of the field and the exciting potential of architecture after AI.

As a complement to the exhibition, there will be a one-day symposium in the Mebane Gallery of Goldsmith Hall on Friday, February 3 from 9:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Architecture After AI

Exhibition Participants:

Adil Bokhari
Ai Ai Africa
Andrew Kudless
Ariadna Giménez
Barry Wark
Bart Lootsma
Behnaz Farahi
Benjamin Ennemoser
Brian Kelly
Chantal Matar
Clay Odom
Daniel Bolojan
Daniel Koehler
Daryl Anselmo
Duy Nguyen
Ebrar Eke
Ed Keller
Erik Bygden
Frank Jacobus
Gilles Retsin
Harshdeep Arora
Hassan Ragab
Hazem Shehata
Ida Saani
Igor Pantic
Jason Johnson
Jason Vigneri-Beane
Jenny Sabin
Jose Sanchez
Joshua Vermillion
Keith Kaseman
Kevin McClellan
Kevin Sullivan
Kory Bieg
Kyle Steinfeld
Lynn Kim
Mahesh Daas
Marco Vanucci
Marta Nowak
Matias del Campo
Max Rutgers
Michelon, Morandi, and Rehm
Mohammad Qasim Iqbal
Neil Leach
Niccolo Casas
Odd Builds
Ozan Ertug
Rasa Navasaityte
Ria Bravo
Richard-Allen Lange
Ryan Vincent Manning
RMIT AI Accelerated Architects
Rolando Cedeño
Ronald Rael
Sandra Manninger
Sarah Clise
Shail Patel
Shawk Chiki
Stéphane Bauche
Tim Fu
Ulf Mejergren
Ulises Al
Virginia San Fratello
Will Garner