2123 ESIDF Exhibition on Display in Mebane

September 1, 2022
Curated by Tekena Koko, 2123 ESIDF presents objects that exist between landscape, media, and architecture.
ESIDF exhibition objects on display against a white background

The School of Architecture's prestigious two-year Emerging Scholar in Design Fellowship (ESIDF) offers promising individuals at the beginning of their academic career in architecture and its allied fields the opportunity to develop a distinctive body of work and provides a unique teaching experience in the context of a supportive environment.

Presented by Tekena Koko, the school's 2021- 2023 design fellow, the 2123 ESIDF exhibition includes objects existing between landscape, media, and architecture. Accompanied by a paper titled Terrafictions, the contents of the exhibition that deal with landscape focus on media. Those concerned with architecture deal with grids, grid deformations, and questions around where architecture ends (and where everything else begins) - where things stop being architecture or becoming architecture.
On display are works by Olivia Buntin, whose object flickers between a sculpture and a model. Christiana Huss figures in body parts into grids. Aleksandr Delev traces landscape psychogeography via furniture design. Kerry Maguire makes landscape proxies. While Tekena KokoBrooke Bower, and Maggie Bailey fuse architecture surfaces and link them to bodily gestures in their film. 

The exhibition will be on display in the Mebane Gallery through September 30.


(OB) Olivia Buntin is an Interior designer and recent graduate of the BSID program at UTSOA
(CH) Christiana Huss is an M.Arch student at UTSOA
(AD) Aleksandr Delev is an architect who designs semi-functional products.  
(KM) Kerry Maguire is a musician and a multidisciplinary artist working in printmaking and sculpture.
(BB) Brooke Bower is an MSID student at UTSOA and holds a B.F.A. in dance.
(MB) Maggie M. Bailey is an award-winning producer and director, working in both narrative and documentary film.
(TK) Tekena Koko is the 2021-2023 design fellow at UTSOA. *Objects in the show not indicated are by (TK)