PRP Now! Joseph Chandler // Hacker Architects

November 18, 2021
PRP Now! is a series of interviews that highlight a current UTSOA Professional Residency Program student every few weeks.

PRP: Tell us about your PRP firm. Where are you working?
I am working at Hacker Architects in Portland, Oregon.

PRP: Do you enjoy the city you’re working in?
I love Portland! The vibe is amazing, you are an hour and a half away from both the coast and the mountains. The nature is stunning, and the town itself has so many great areas to explore. I’m also very fortunate to be living with my classmate and bestie Michael Anowey who is working at Skylab Architects and working with Leesa Cano, a UT grad working at Hacker.

PRP: What is currently on your desk? What are you working on?
A warm cup of coffee, my sketchbook, trace paper, and my succulent. I’m currently working on a master plan and some renderings for an apartment project.

PRP: Describe the firm culture? 
The office culture is very open and collaborative, and people are really friendly and approachable. Sustainability is also really important at Hacker and that permeates every project we touch.

PRP: What is the first thing you'll tell your classmates upon your return to UT?
I’ll tell my fifth-year friends that I missed them and I probably won’t shut up about all that
I’ve learned about mass timber. I’ll also suggest to my friends in years below me to try to do PRP.

PRP: As you’re finishing up the week, what are your plans for this weekend?
Hiking in Forest Park, hanging out with friends, getting coffee and bagels, playing soccer, and face-timing my Texas friends and family.

PRP: Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Trust the process. Moving to a new city, PRP applications, and the portfolio process can be difficult and stressful. I would recommend taking the process one step at a time and reaching out for portfolio, firm selection, and application help from professors, mentors, and friends.