Our primary mission is to promote material investigation in design. We seek to understand how and why things are made in order to innovate them in creative and thoughtful ways. By supporting advanced and interdisciplinary materials research, development, design and fabrication, the Materials Lab provides patrons with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to design and construct for a better built environment.


The heart of the Materials Lab will always be our physical collection, a comprehensive circulating library of materials and assemblies. Our collection inspires us to rethink the built environment in all aspects, and we strive to be an active and engaged center of materials research, experimentation, and development. Just as the scope of materials is all-encompassing, so are our interests.


With the assistance of the University Co-operative Society, the Materials Resource Center was established in the Fall of 2001 and encompasses both the Materials Lab and the Architectural Conservation Lab.  The University Co-op Materials Lab is comprised of the circulating materials collection, gallery space for temporary exhibitions, book and magazine collection and reading area, and two classrooms.  


The Collection
One of our material researchers shows off a sample of translucent concrete


The Collection
Our programming efforts include exhibitions, workshops, and lectures. Pictured: "Think Concrete"