Dason teaches in the Sustainable Design Program, blending technical topics with a qualitative perspective on their significance. Currently he teaches two courses, Energy Modeling and the Design Process and Solar Geometry and Energy Flow in Buildings.

Dason is Principal Architect for Kasita- a modern modular building manufacturer. Previously, Dason was principal of Cinco Lab along with fellow faculty member Adam Pyrek, was a founding principal of Pollen Architecture & Design and worked for Koning Eizenberg Architecture in Santa Monica, CA leading published and award-winning projects, including one that received the first Savings by Design Energy Efficiency Integration Award.

He is a Certified Passive House Consultant, LEED Accredited Professional, and has served on the Board of Directors of the United States Green Building Council Central-Texas Balcones Chapter, chaired that organization’s Advocacy Committee, and served on its Advisory Board. Dason is licensed as an architect in Texas and California and as a general building contractor in California.

photo of Dason Whitsett
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