The Architectural History Program at The University of Texas at Austin offers an innovative and diverse curriculum that seeks to foster a critical understanding of architecture, the built environment, and the landscape. The focus of the program is on history, but it also encompasses theory and criticism, striving to understand the culture of the built environment as a whole. It thus engages a broader examination of our building culture, recognizing the integrated nature of the appraisal of built edifices.

With a faculty of seven full-time professors and several affiliated faculty, the program offers both broad coverage and individualized programs tailored to student interests at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Housed within a large and active school of architecture, the program examines the history of building and design with a clear sense of the realities of making architecture and the way buildings change over time. Although we are committed to sound historical research, our work takes us beyond the traditional boundaries of the discipline of the history of architecture to investigate new perspectives that arise from theoretical methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches such as cultural landscapes and the dissemination beyond our professional boundaries. 

The M.A. and Ph.D. programs are founded on rigorous training, while offering students flexibility to develop their own ideas and approaches. We encourage students to explore new fields and methodologies, to develop their own distinctive viewpoints. The program has particularly strong emphases in the Americas, nineteenth- and twentieth-century Europe, and the history of landscape architecture.

For information about the program, please contact Dr. Fernando Lara.