Degrees Offered

Stackable Graduate Certificate

Historic preservation seeks to find effective and artful ways to maintain and reuse significant buildings, landscapes, and communities. Central to the discipline is the attempt to preserve cultural identity in the face of the threats of urban sprawl and loss of social diversity.

The preservation programs at the University of Texas at Austin expose students to multiple fields in the discipline of historic preservation — architectural conservation and documentation, historic site management, and preservation planning and development. The coursework is practical, technical, and theoretical in scope, encompassing the study of history, research techniques, materials conservation, documentation and interpretation of historic resources, restoration methodologies, and sensitive design for adaptive use. Students explore a wide array of historic properties, from rural vernacular sites to significant works of the Modern Movement, from interior furnishings and buildings to landscapes and urban centers. The special emphasis of the program is on works of the later nineteenth and twentieth centuries, especially on examples of Modernism. Many of the faculty members actively work and research in this area, and the university is among the leading centers in the field. The material and historical aspects of the recent past receive special attention, but students also encounter other, older buildings and sites, preparing them to work in a variety of fields. International travel is strongly supported; recent student studies have taken place in Italy, Mexico, Turkey, and Ukraine. Programs are under development in China, France, and the Dominican Republic.

Distinct preservation options are available to students in the School of Architecture and UT. The core degree, the Master of Science in Historic Preservation (MSHP), is an intensive two-year program in preservation studies. A Ph.D. in Architecture with a track in Historic Preservation is available through the architecture program A Ph.D. in Community and Regional Planning Program with a focus in Preservation Planning is available through Community and Regional Planning. The School also offers a Stackable Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation.