April, 2007

Production Editor

Christine Wong

Table of Contents 


  • "Notations on an Instrumentalized Landscape"

    Dean J. Almy III

Section I: Origins

  • "Processes as Values" (1969)

    Ian McHarg

  • "Axioms for Reading the Landscape" (1979)

    Peirce Lewis

  • "Sculpture in the Expanded Field" (1985)

    Rosalind Krauss

  • "Urban Nature and Human Design" (1985)

    Anne Whiston Spirn

  • "The Role of Spatial Configuration in Environmental Sustainability" (1990)

    Richard T.T. Forman

  • "On Site" (1991)

    Carol Burns

  • "Landscapes of Change" (1992)

    Sanford Kwinter

  • "Stim and Dross: Rethinking the Metropolis" (1994)

    Lars Lerup

  • "Terrain Vague" (1995)

    Ignasi de Sola Morales

  • "Toward an Urban Landscape" (1995)

    Kenneth Frampton

  • "Whatever Happened to Urbanism" (1995)

    Rem Koolhaas

  • "Readings of the Attenuated Landscape" (1998)

    Sze Tsung Leong

  • "A Discussion of the Individual in the City as Landscape" (1997)

    Jochem Schneider

  • "The Agency of Mapping" (1999)

    James Corner

  • "Infrastructural Urbanism" (1999)

    Stan Allen

  • "Programming the Urban Surface" (1999)

    Alex Wall

Section II: Essays

  • "Scenario City"

    Eric Kahn, Central Office of Architecture

  • "Machines of Loving Grace"

    Chris Macdonald

  • "The Mississippi Basin Infrastructure"

    Anuradha Mathur and Dilip Da Cunha

  • "Landscape Urbanism Practices: Precis + Case"

    Chris Reed

  • "If, Then: Shaping Change as a Strategic Basis for Design"

    Roger Sherman

  • "Living Urban Landscapes"

    Frederick Steiner

  • "The New West - Re-engagement with the Land"

    Clark Stevens

  • "Paragenesis"

    Andrew Thurlow, Maia Small, TSA

  • "Precedents for a North American Landscape Urbanism"

    Charles Waldheim

  • "Boomtown vs. Regiocity"

    Alex Wall

Section III: Assays

  • Introduction


    Dean J Almy III

  • Team 1:

    Alex Wall, Jane Wolff, Nichole Wiedemann

  • Team 2:

    Anuradha Mathur, Dilip Da Cunha, Dean Almy

  • Team 3:

    Chris Reed, Charles Waldheim, Sinclair Black

  • Team 4:

    Kristina Hill, Clark Stevens, Steven Moore

  • Team 5:

    Chris Macdonald, Laurel McSherry, Lawrence Speck

The theme of this volume is Landscape Urbanism with the agenda of linking emergent theories of Landscape Urbanism with its contemporary practice. While a few recent symposiums and articles have addressed components of the subject, the underlying theoretical trajectory of this emergent field has still not been codified in an accessible way. The publication of Volume 14 of CENTER will fill this void with the inclusion of a reprint series of historically significant texts, combined with original articles by noted authors and emerging practitioners.


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