August, 2014

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Table of Contents 

"Authenticity: Immediacy and Precision"  |  Kevin Alter and Fernando Lara
Vancouver  |  Peter Cardew
Quito  |  Adrian Moreno 
Toronto  |  Pat Hanson
Santiago  |  Alberto Mozo
"Illusion and Utopia"  |  Barbara Hoidn
Minneapolis  |  Julie Snow
Buenos Aires  |  Maria Besonias
Asuncion  |  Jose Cubilla
Cordoba  |  Monica Bertolino
"Why Latitudes?"  |  Wilfried Wang
New York City  |  Charles Renfro
Concepcion  |  Pezo von Ellrichshausen
Baton Rouge  |  Victor Trahan
Cuidad de Mexico  |  Mauricio Rocha
"Building Value"  |  Coleman Coker
Vancouver  |  Patricia Patkau
Bogota  |  Daniel Bonilla
Cuidad de Mexico  |  Derek Dellenkamp
Rio de Janeiro  |  Carla Juacaba
"America e Pluribus"  |  Carlos Jimenez


Latitudes proposes that the careful examination of key examples of architecture from across the Americas will reveal those aspects of the field that are most compelling. Looking deeply into the architecture of the Americas enables us to see our peculiar relationships with the enormous multiplicity of landscapes that are the result of different latitudes and attitudes; we see our differences as well as that which we share. Each building presented here abides in an authentic relationship with its place, and it is through this authenticity that each work is so compelling. The qualities of immediacy and detail that define these buildings appear at first to exist in opposition, but might also be understood as parallel paths towards meaningful architecture. The collection of work discussed here argues for reconciling the potency of raw material articulation with the intensity of sophisticated constructional aplomb in the quest to create meaning; to build something that matters.

CENTER 20: Latitudes, Volume 2 cover