November, 2020

Managing Editor

Table of Contents 

Preface: Michael Benedikt
Taking to the Air: Steven Connor
Phasin Densities: Sean Lally
Sky Control: Geoff Manaugh
Atmospheres of Late Modernity: David Gissen
Coolth: Everybody's Doing It: Salvatore Basile
From Bodies to Breathable Skins: Rafael Beneytez-Duran

This twenty-third volume of the book series CENTER: Architecture and Design in America is devoted to the subject of air—air quality, air movement, and air “conditioning,” but also to air as spirit, as something sensual, metaphorical, even metaphysical: air in the sky, in our streets, and in buildings. CENTER 23 comprises a collection of essays by writers with different perspectives. The hope is that from these perspectives, and from this preface, designers of the future might develop a new unity of approach to air as a subject, an approach that is not only spatial, visual, and technical, but is also about air’s meaning to the body, directly, and to the imagination indirectly.

Center 23: A I R cover