December, 1988

Production Editor

Susan R. Hoover

Production & Assistant Editor

Patricia Henderson

Table of Contents 

Media as Environment

  • by Horace M. Newcomb

  • The Re-Decade

    by Tom Shales

  • The Stuff of Dreams: Plastics and Cultural Synthesis

    by Jeffrey L. Meikle

Abstraction, Imagination and Reality

  • The Voices of Space

    by Karsten Harries

  • The Authenticity of Difference: Architecture and the Crisis of Reality

    by Peter Eisenman

  • The Castle in the House: A Project by George Ranalli in New York

    by Anthony Vidler

  • A Design Begins in the Mind

    by Stanley Saitowitz

  • Derrida and Beyond

    by Robert Mugerauer

Towards a Real Architecture

  • Realness and Realism: A New Direction

    by Michael Benedikt

  • Realist Architecture in the Australian Idiom: The Work of Glenn Murcutt

    by J.V. DeSousa

  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    by Lawrence W. Speck

  • Edge of Center

    by Tod Williams

  • Architecture, Reality and Transcendence

    by Coy Howard

  • Realism at Hand: A Portfolio

  • Notes on the Symposium

    by Lawrence W. Speck

4th issue of CAAD's Center series

CENTER 4: Buildings and Reality: Architecture in the Age of Information  cover