May, 2017


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Table of Contents 

Introduction, Joyce Rosner
Quiet Incantations, Billie Tsien
Transparency, Tod Williams
A Walk in a Garden, Almost, Perry Kulper
Drawing from the Gardens of Versailles, Joyce Rosner
Le Nôtre's Eye: The Intimacy of Viewing Garden Prints & Landscape Paintings in His Cabinet, Mirka Beneš
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As a viewer wanders through the Gardens of Versailles, she perceives a continually unfolding spectacle: each element relating to the next in a sophisticated way and impacted by the chosen path, time of day, and season. Creating this series of drawings combined Rosner's interests in space, color, form, line, and landscape. The drawings are speculations about an existing place and its potential for abstraction.

Centerline 12: Spatial Speculations, Drawing from the Gardens of Versailles cover