January, 2009


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Christine Wong

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Introduction by Wilfried Wang

Essay: Drawing on Uncertainty by Larry Alan Doll



Larry Doll is founding Director of the European Study Abroad Program and continues to conduct the fall semester program. Each year the students follow a different itinerary through Western Europe studying a wide range of scales and approaches to architecture. He returned to full-time teaching after serving as Assistant Dean of the School of Architecture for 10 years, and currently teaches design and a seminar on his primary area of research, morphology. Professor Doll was awarded a University Research Institute grant to continue working on a book highlighting his research on the morphological analysis of building forms, tentatively entitled, Reading Buildings, a Theory of Architectural Morphology. Doll also served as Design Adviser to UT President Berdahl's 1995 Commencement Activities Committee. His efforts resulted in twenty eight processional banners for UTs Schools, Colleges, and other academic and ceremonial groups.

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