April, 2020

ISSUE is the annual student-produced publication featuring graduate and undergraduate work from the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. ISSUE 16 represents student work completed in 2019.


Ian Amen
Alicia Chen
Camille Vigil
Cole Bennette
Fatima Betts
Heather Corcoran
MaKayla Rutt
Robbie Anderson
Zeke Jones

Featuring interviews with Maggie Hansen, Piergianna Mazzocca, Kevin Alter, Adam Miller, Wilfried Wang, Sofia Krimizi, and Kyriakos Kyriakou


ISSUE XVI Companion Book

A companion to ISSUE XVI, featuring a collection of essays written by the following students: Mitch Avitt, Alex Bala, Alexis Benton, Hailey Brown, Amaya Dsouza, Alex Gagle, M. Janssens, Henry Rose, Trent Sexton, and Lucas Strzelec

ISSUE: 016 cover