ISSUE: 006


A vigorous school ought not to be of a single mine in its pursuit of knowledge and meaning. Qualities we value in our broader society: enthusiasm, rigor, diversity, and meaningful expression are essential components of the intellectual and social life at the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture and important in advancing the work of our disciplines.

ISSUE:, a publication conceived and authored by students, samples from a broad range of production at the school and strives to reflect the richness of its activity. The significance of the projects included in this ISSUE: lives in their specificity and the particular set of values each embodies. Topics prominent in the dialogue of the school: urbanity, social justice, infrastructure, spatial experience, ecology, materiality, energy, parametric computation, or even meaning and beauty, become only hollow buzzwords when removed from the context of their particular projects and discussions.


Edna Ledesma
Janice Nicol
Joel Nolan


Francisco Gomes