ISSUE: 009

MARCH 2013

Nine years ago, ISSUE was started by a small group of graduate students to record and showcase each other’s work. It started off informally, but quickly expanded and established itself as an important record of student activities in the UTSOA. It is distributed to students and faculty free of charge, and its statement of intent “to foster interaction and the interchange of ideas among students as well as to record the intellectual activities of the UTSOA” remains mostly unchanged since its inception. At this point, ISSUE is still run entirely by students and is comprised of submitted student work. The editorial board changes over every year, and this constant renewal is an opportunity for self-reflection and growth.

This year, we have separated the book into two parts: studio pages and individual projects. The studio pages present every studio that was offered in 2012, including undergraduate, graduate, landscape, interior, community and regional planning, and urban design studios. It also includes other seminars that operate similar to studios, such as: prototyping, wood design, and Public Interest Design. After the studio pages, we present 27 individual projects, which a curatorial group of students have decided represent the best student work of the past year.


Emily Ewbank
Benjamin Morris
Monica Sanga
Sunny Schneberger


Garland Fielder
Charlton Lewis