ISSUE: 011

MAY 2015

ISSUE aims to catalogue and document the work of students at The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture (UTSOA). The eleventh edition of ISSUE pairs the concepts of “local” and “global.” What significance do these terms have in today’s highly networked society? At UTSOA, our student work is inherently local—design primarily takes place here at the Austin campus—but it is also implicitly global. Every design problem has the opportunity to either consciously or subconsciously interrogate the situation of our school and the larger discipline of architecture in a globalized world. 

ISSUE: 011 is organized in three parts. Local, the first section, emphasizes the work we do here at home in Austin. Student work is organized by the Austin neighborhood or Texas city in which the proposal is located. All of these projects address the question of place and culture in our rapidly growing city, many of which involve a real-life client or design problem. Connecting the Local with the Global is a section of the book that bridges these notions and focuses on classes and activities unique to our school. We present a sample of UTSOA culture, and recognize the many visiting professors and lecturers who are making a global impact in architecture, while also being locally influential here at UTSOA. Projects and features in this section are distinct to UTSOA and live in between a clear categorization of local or global. Finally, the Global section showcases the design projects students have engaged in around the world. Many of the design studios and independent research projects involved students and professors traveling to locations in Europe, Asia, parts of Latin America, and within the United States. These projects allowed students to bring back a broader perspective with which to re-engage the local context of Austin.


Elizabeth Farrell
Molly McNamara


Coleman Coker
Elizabeth Danze
Juan Miró