January, 2011


Production Editors

Christine Wong
Susan McNally

Table of Contents 

Foreword, Wilfried Wang

Altamira, Wilfried Wang

A Propositional Architecture, Federico Pastorino

Altamira, Rafael Iglesia

Roofs That Know How To Fly, Juan Manuel Rois

Florencia Raigal House, Wilfried Wang

Raigal House, Marcelo Villafane


Project Credits and Information

Selected Bibliography and Photo Credits

With this third volume in the O'Neil Ford Duograph series, the Center for American Architecture and Design (CAAD) and the O'Neil Ford Chair in Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin continue to present contributions significant in breadth and depth to contemporary architecture. Furthermore, after Chile and Brazil, we continue with two more architects from a South American country, this time Argentina.

O'neil Ford Duograph Series, Volume 3: Argentina-Altamira Building, Florencia Raigal House cover