March, 2012


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Susan McNally

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Beyond Dogma by Wilfried Wang

Ajijic House, 2009-2011 by Tatiana Bilbao

Tatiana Bilbao's Casa Ajijic at Lake Chapala by Patrick Charpenel

Ajijic House by Tatiana Bilbao

CB29 Apartments, 2005-2007 by Derek Dellenkamp

The Construction of a System by Fernando Caneles

CB29 Apartments Yoaci Pardo


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Tatiana Bilbao's single-family house on a lake front in the Mexican state of Jalisco and Derek Dellekamp's medium-rise apartment building at the center of Mexico City are the focus of this fourth publication in the O'Neil Ford Duograph Series. These two buildings share affinities that are examined in photographs and essays.

O'Neil Ford Duograph Series, Volume 4 Mexico: Ajijic House, CB29 Apartments cover