January, 2011


Manuel Cuadra

Production Editors

Christine Wong
Susan McNally

Table of Contents 

Autonomy and Engagement by Wilfried Wang

Polysemy: Rereading the Readings of BLAS by Jorge Francisco Liernur

Fictions and Realities in Clorindo Testa's Work by Manuel Cuadra


Competition and Contemporary Photographs

50 years later: a conversation with Clorindo Testa

Selected Bibliography

Project Credits and Chronology


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The Banco de Londres y América del Sud in Buenos Aires was built between 1959 and 1966 through the efforts of a large team of designers and engineers, headed by the collaborative offices of Sepra and Clorindo Testa. Long admired by connoisseurs of South American architecture, the bank's history, design and construction is analyzed in this volume.

O'Neil Ford Monograph Series, Volume 4: Sepra & Clorindo Testa: Banco de Londres y America del Sud cover