O'Neil Ford Monograph Series, Volume 1: Bouca Residents Association Housing

January 2008

From start to finish, it took the Modernist Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza, winner of the 1992 Pritzker Prize and designer of The Serpentine Gallery's 2005 Summer Pavilion, 33 years to construct the Bouca Residents Association Housing project in the northern city of Porto - which he realized in association with architect Antonio Madureira.

During those years, Siza completed numerous important commissions, including the architecture faculty building at the University of Porto in 1985 and the Fundacao Serralves museum of contemporary art in that same city in 1999. In 1998, he restored the Chiado district of Lisbon, Portugal, after a devastating fire; and his Portuguese Pavilion for Lisbon's EXPO 98 was internationally recognized.

While Siza was busy with all of these buildings and plans, the first phase of the Bouca project was falling ever deeper into disrepair, hampered by municipal neglect. It has since been brought up to Siza's standards, and this publication appraises the project, now happily completed. Siza's sketches, many of which are published here for the first time, reveal the tenacity of his search for the right solution.

ISBN: 9783803006844


Introduction, Wilfried Wang
Foreword, Alvaro Siza
Sketches & Plans of the Inception
Photographs of the First Phase
Siza and SAAL Porto, Brigitte Fleck
Sketches 1972-75
Bouca in Context, Wilfried Wang
Photographs of the Completed Project
Drawings of the Final Phase
Selected Biography


Wilfried Wang
Brigitte Fleck


Kevin Alter
Michael Benedikt
Barbara Hoidn
Wilfried Wang


Christine Wong