Planning Forum Volume 16

MAY 2015

Planning Forum is an annual publication produced by graduate and doctoral students in the Department of Community and Regional Planning at The University of Texas at Austin. The journal publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles as well as critical explorations in less-conventional formats. Volume 16 features work on participatory planning in Mexico; master planning in face of disaster in Skopje, Macedonia; preparing urban planners for economic decline in North America; housing and gentrification in East Austin; Imagine Austin and the political economy; race, love, and urban planning; explorations into lived experience in Montreal, Canada; park life in Bucharest, Romania; regional energy access in India; marketing Mexico's Pueblos Mágicos; and the spectacular history of planning Las Vegas.



Thomas Rowlinson
Martin Sinel


Brianna Garner
Greg Griffin
Adam Ogusky
Raksha Vasudevan
Juan Yunda