Planning Forum Volume 2

MAY 1996

Planning is about community. Rather than focusing on a narrower, technical definition, this journal is based on an understanding of planning as the study of human communities and their interaction with the social, built, and natural environments. Planning Forum seeks to present practical information, scholarly research, and alternative viewpoints from a wide range of disciplines related to planning and to encourage debate that cuts across a variety of academic areas and pr

Planning Forum is an annual publication produced by graduate and doctoral students in the Department of Community and Regional Planning at The University of Texas at Austin. The journal publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles as well as critical explorations in less-conventional formats. Planning Forum serves as a platform for emerging voices and new perspectives on the most pressing issues in the field. 


Leilah Powell
Mark Forsyth


Stephanie Bond
William Huie
Sangram Kakulavaram
Keith Krum
Ashley Clain
Andy Atlas
Hayden Black Walker
Ellen Meadows
Chris Stewart