Planning Forum Volume 3

MAY 1997

Planning Forum is an annual publication produced by graduate and doctoral students in the Department of Community and Regional Planning at The University of Texas at Austin. The journal publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles as well as critical explorations in less-conventional formats. Planning Forum serves as a platform for emerging voices and new perspectives on the most pressing issues in the field. 

Planning has become an impossible term to define. Planners in both formal education and professional practices study and wrestle with the same principles of growth and decline, statistical assessment and community involvement, political methodology, and common sense. But, how we move on from the fundamentals into our own niches of research and practice and special interest is what keeps the ideals of planning healthy and sound. The same process keeps our communities active and balanced. Every individual effort in the planning process, from undergraduate student to zoning commissioner to neighborhood activist, contributes to the increasingly dynamic definition of what "planning" is and how it affects the quality of our lives.


Jim Walker
Keith Krum


Steve Barney
Illona Blanchard
Stephanie Bond
Andrew Grigsby
Hannah Holm
William Huie
Ali Peet
Jim Regan-Vienop