November, 2017

Managing Editor

PLATFORM is the annual magazine of The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. It serves as a “platform” for the school to investigate the intersection of its research, practice, and pedagogic interests with a broader audience.

Each issue of Platform features thought-provoking articles of topical interest in the disciplines of Architecture, Architectural History, Community and Regional Planning, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Design, and Urban Design. Guest editors selected from the School of Architecture’s faculty develop a new theme or prompt for the publication each year and drive its conceptual direction.

This issue, titled Convergent Voices, is edited by Nichole Wiedemann and Charlton Lewis and centers on a conversation between contributors with expertise ranging from Architectural History and Landscape Architecture to Community and Regional Planning. It represents a dynamic collection of distinct voices and viewpoints brought together by a shared concern for the inequities in our cities and built environments and the urgent need to address these inequities.

Contributors include:
Anna Livia Brand
Lori Brown
Dr. Felecia Davis
Michael Ford
Walter Hood
Charlton Lewis
Sarah Lopez
Dr. Andrea Roberts
Jesus Edmundo Robles Jr.
Nichole Wiedemann

Featuring alumni interviews with:
Elizabeth Chu Richter
Gregory G. Street

Memory and Action
D. Michelle Addington, Dean and Henry M. Rockwell Chair in Architecture


Platform: Convergent Voices cover
Platform: Convergent Voices
photo of Nichole Wiedemann

Nichole Wiedemann

photo of Charlton Lewis

Charlton Lewis

photo of Anna Brand

Anna Brand

photo of Sarah Lopez

Sarah Lopez

photo of Andrea Roberts

Andrea Roberts

photo of Stacey Kaleh

Stacey Kaleh

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