November, 2019

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Platform is the annual magazine of The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. It serves as a “platform” for the school to investigate the intersections of its research, practice, and pedagogical approaches with a broader audience.
Each issue of Platform features articles of topical interest in the disciplines of architecture, architectural history, community and regional planning, historic preservation, interior design, landscape architecture, sustainable design, and urban design. Editors selected from the school’s faculty develop a new theme or prompt for the publication each year and drive its conceptual direction.
This issue, titled Preservation in the Americas: Finding our Shared History, is edited by Associate Professor Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla and focuses on how we define and interpret cultural heritage in the Americas and beyond, and looks at historic preservation as a live and dynamic field of investigation and professional work related to the built environment. The issue aims to use the lens of this discipline to find common ground in the intrinsic differences that make the history of the Americas richer, and to present the multiple voices that emerge from this multidisciplinary community.

Contributors Include:
Dean Michelle Addington
Benjamin Ibarra-Sevilla
Tara Dudley
Anna Nau
Sarah Lopez
Michael Holleran
Fernando Lara
Magdalena Novoa
Barbara Aguiar
Julie McGilvray

Featuring Alumni Interviews with:
Izabella Nuckels
Rebecca Kennedy
Vishal Joshi

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